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Do you want to know why we sell cigarettes online so cheap and if this is not a joke or publicity stunt? We sincerely assert you that this is not a marketing ploy, all orders are processed and shipped outside the United States, which means lower fees and favorable taxation policy. Moreover all your personal information can't be transferred and disclosed to a third-party or to any government entity as our company operates outside the United States!

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The "fight" against smoking and smokers almost reached its peak, cigarette prices rising higher each passing day, they call it "sin tax". This is especially noticeable in the U.S. where already not everyone can afford to smoke, now it became the prerogative of the wealthy people. However every adult has the right to choose himself to smoke or not. And since smoking is not prohibited by law, the constant tax increase is unfair. Our online store sells cigarettes of famous cigarette brands at low prices, to give the opportunity to every smoker provide himself with favorite cigarettes.

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